Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Hobby ------ My Passion

They are things/activities that you mostly do in your spare time. These are responsible for recreation when you are ‘bored’ with daily routine and mundane activities same is true other way round that you are not bored with engaging in such activities. Hobbies can be of various types like Philatelist, playing musical instruments, sports, art, technology, stamp collection etc. These are things that make you happy when you are done ''practicing'' or doing your hobby. 
I am an Numismatics’. This is in broader view but my areas of interest lies in collecting unique numbered currency and ancient coins. My collection range coins from 1800 year to 2011, but main attraction is paper money.

This picture represents the collection of Rs10 note. They represent 1st and last one of series i.e. both occur once in 10,00,000 times.

5Rs note bears lucky number (786).
50Rs note bears serial numbers (0-1-2-3-4-5)

Misprint on back side
Extra paper – undercut 

This pic shows notes with series 100000 - 900000

Comparison of Rs1 note evolved

Comparison of Rs2 note evolved

                                 Comparison of Rs10 note evolved

                                             Comparison of Rs100 note evolved

Comparison the currency involving unique serial number ranging from 111111-999999

Evaluation of coins

My father was key person who helped me developing this hobby, as he had pursued this unknowingly. I started developing interest since 5th Grade, that was somewhere in 1996-97. Father being employee of bank helped me in getting contact with cashiers and allowing me to view the new currency bundles. From there I used to get that particular note which I was craving for. This was a very rigorous and tiring journey that continued for years together but was always full of excitement. As time passed on, responsibilities increased and I couldn’t find that much time to work dedicatedly over collection. But, now when I look back I feel proud enough that in spite of difficulties I never backed down and landed up with such nice collection that could be cherished for centuries. In fact this is a never ending journey for me.

I had demonstrated this collection at many exhibition and many antique lovers asked me to evaluate my collection for sell. I would laugh and say  Sir,  – “To me this is priceless”

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum

One day to go Live………

      This gives us immense pleasure to announce that the most awaited day is about to come when JWEF flag would fly high.

EABS is gearing up to host one of the biggest events and as final preparations are underway before the official opening of Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum(JWEF), taking place from Friday 26th - Saturday 27th Aug 2011 excitement is thrilling all of us.

“Early risers are always blessed”, keeping this mind we all are geared up, filled with zeal and enthusiasm to achieve the acme and make this event a great success. Students, committee members under guidance of faculties are prepared to join in on the action and to put forward a great show.

Past weeks were filled with numerous activities ranging from planning-campaigning-arranging speakers for events to food, transport etc however the quantum of efforts for this festive event will no doubt be riding through everyone’s heart and would be judged at inception of event.

Don't forget that it's not too late to join!!! 

Let’s join hands together & let JWEF flag fly high

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum

                                 JWEF about to Go live..…

With just couple of days remaining for the Pune’s one of the most prestigious and awaited event : Junior World Entrepreneurship forum (JWEF).

Europe Asia Business School (EABS) is organizing a global event in Pune on 26th & 27th Aug 2011, for Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum (JWEF). World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) was founded under High Patronage of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. The founding members were EMLYON Business School, KPMG, Action community for entrepreneurship and Nanyang Technological University. JWEF is a global students' movement with an aim to build up entrepreneurship for creating wealth and social justice.
As the JWEF preparation is going on full stream with covering various diverse aspects and few days left for inauguration there is sensational feeling and excitement in everyone’s heart about the “show on the day”.  The extremity of this event was noticed by newspapers with delightful colors. 

The mission of JWEF is to collect the global think-tank and spread the entrepreneurial spirit in all fields of society. Create a platform for young & social entrepreneurs. To achieve this we concentrated the data and to deliver it in simple dozes to audiences, choose the key speakers for the event who are from diverse background in terms of society and Industries, who started their career towards aim of achieving the shining star.

                We all are working day –in & day – out to make this event a great success and achievement ranging from satisfaction of audiences, so as they gain maximum benefit out of this event, to excitement and comfort of speakers and the only inspiration for us are director and faculty members who are available at door step any time.
 Speaking truly it’s a great learning for even us in terms of building our various leadership and communication skills in the way to make this event a great success. With hundreds of registration in a weeks’ time for  the event from varied crowd from students to corporate world we hope this event adds feather in EABS’s cap.


Thursday, 18 August 2011


It was really amazing and delighting moment for the students who represented EABS in highly social event organized by NITIE, Mumbai on 6th Aug 2011.
Inauguration of MahaMandi
Students from various colleges took to the streets of Mumbai in a unique annual event called Mandi. The event is a brainchild of Dr. T. Prasad and was conceptualized to help every student understand and discover management wisdom for himself. Mandi stands as a hallmark in hearts of many as it integrates the theoretical principles of statistics, managerial economics, marketing and basic market research with their practical application.
Mandi pedagogy is designed to bridge the gap between - Theory and Practice, Knowing and Doing.  Mandi pedagogy is Self sufficient system of education having medium of instruction is ‘Practice’ leading to holistic development of Mandi learners involving the Head, Heart, and Hand. Mandi  pedagogy has roots in Gandhian system of education called Nai Taleem

EABS Students @ NITIE
The central purpose of MANDI is threefold. Firstly to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children who lose out on basic education. Secondly students practice the classroom concepts of Marketing, Principles of Management, Business Economics, and Accounting in the real field.Thirdly, this unique event intends to impart an additional dimension to the learning of the students who buy these toys. The entire amount collected is donated to the NGO Navnirmiti which provides the event with toys (for sale) in the first place. This year’s effort went towards the education of many children –slum dwellers, tribal children and the children in special schools.

Geared Up
The buyers were also requested to comment over Mandi concept and we conveyed the same to Dr Prasad. He feels that the power of Mandi could be further leveraged towards creating a positive impact on the management areas of Entrepreneurship, Self development etc. With a vision that is implemented annually, it comes as no surprise that the US based Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning (ABSEL) has accepted the research paper written on this theme.

This visit to Mandi has highly motivated us and has sent sensational feelings through our mind and heart. It has broadened our approach towards other parts of society. We rather now believe in developing a strategic approach to do something substantial for society along with self development.